Associate in Arts, General Studies

Associate in Arts, General Studies

The Associate in Arts degree is awarded for the successful completion of a two-year program which includes the major components of the General Education Requirements. Its shorter curriculum concentrates on subject matter which is general or vocational.


The aims of the General Studies Associate in Arts degree are:

  • To provide the student with broad exposure to the liberal arts in areas of humanities, sciences, quantitative reasoning, and social sciences.
  • To provide the student with foundational understanding of the Bible and Christian living.
  • To provide opportunity for the student to sample areas of interest through selection of electives.

Educational Objectives

Completion of the General Studies Associate in Arts degree requires the student to demonstrate competencies in:

  • Writing and speaking the English language; • General literature and language arts;
  • Quantitative reasoning skills;
  • Science knowledge and reasoning skills;
  • A general knowledge of an area of historical studies;
  • Introductory knowledge of social sciences;
  • Familiarity with evangelical biblical and theological perspectives;
  • Developing a Christian view of identity, vocation, and engagement with society.

Required Courses

A complete list of courses can be found in the Academic Catalog.

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