Bachelor of Arts in Ministry Leadership

Bachelor of Arts in Ministry Leadership

The major of Ministry Leadership is designed to equip and train students for thoughtful, creative, and passionate ministry at varying levels. The Bachelor of Arts degree equips students for long-term, effective leadership in the church and other ministry settings.

The Bachelor of Arts in Ministry Leadership is offered by the College of Ministry. Our faculty is committed to helping each student discover and fulfill his or her God-given dreams, calling, and potential.

This major provides learning opportunities which should enable students to:

  • Integrate biblical and theological knowledge with the practice of ministry and daily life
  • Demonstrate biblical literacy and exegetical skills
  • Effectively communicate the gospel
  • Enter vocational ministry
  • Develop a foundation of ministry in a non-ministerial vocation
  • Comprehend and apply effective leadership tools and skill sets
  • Exhibit habits of lifelong learning

Required Courses

A complete list of courses can be found in the Academic Catalog.

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