Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership

Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership

The Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership is an “in career” degree focusing on developing the personal characteristics and professional competencies needed for success and career advancement within your chosen vocation and/or place of employment. Organizational Leadership draws from a cross-section of disciplines with the common focus of practical application in today’s highly mobile and demanding workforce. Built upon a leadership core that is applicable to leading across a broad range of settings, you then coordinate with your advisor to design your academic program based on your chosen leadership path.

This major will challenge you to expand your professional potential within your unique calling and future plans. Thus, you are better equipped to advance within your current setting while being more prepared for future vocational opportunities.

A Bachelor Degree in Organizational Leadership from Northwest University Will Empower You to...

  • Analyze the underlying philosophies and approaches for corporate decisions
  • Apply the principles involved in building and motivating effective teams
  • Plan the optimum approach for decision-making in various organizational settings by using tested leadership principles
  • Evaluate methods and strategies to maintain effectiveness during changing organizational environments
  • Articulate your personal philosophy of leadership
  • Understand the importance of ethical standards in leadership
  • Position yourself for leadership openings
  • Approach advancement opportunities with confidence and insight

Required Courses

A complete list of courses can be found in the Academic Catalog.

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