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Two Questions to Ask to Foster Personal Growth

Sitting down with a friend I have not seen for a long time is a rare privilege and an experience that I greatly enjoy, partly due to my Connectedness theme from CliftonStrengths©. Over a recent period of about three months, I had several of those rare privileges. As I joyfully worked to catch up with each friend over breakfast, coffee, lunch, and other excuses to sit in a restaurant for a couple of hours, I found myself repeating the same two questions:

What have you learned in this most recent season of your life?

How have you changed in this most recent season of your life?

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Katherine’s teacher and principal met with her parents to explain that their child needed more intellectual stimulation than their school could provide. The staff at the school had taken up a collection to help the family relocate to a place where Katherine would be challenged and coached, where her gifts in mathematics could mature.

“In all my years of teaching,” the teacher said, “I’ve never seen a mind like hers. You have to see what she will become.”

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Everyone is Talking About Calling

There are almost as many definitions of “calling” as there are people talking about it. My dissertation research in “calling development” among women undergraduate students in Christian colleges opened my eyes to the vast array of definitions.

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An Introduction

Life calling. Personal and spiritual growth. Women in leadership and ministry. Strengths.

Those are some of the things I am most passionate about, most educated in, and most practiced at. And, those are the things I am excited to write about in this blog.

Your time is valuable, so each post will be relevant, interesting, and well-founded. My hope is that you will gain insight, resources, ideas, and tools. You may even leave with some new questions, and if we hit the right topic, those questions may keep you awake for a few minutes as you consider God’s work in the world from a different or new perspective.

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