The University of Possibility

All Things Are Possible

Possibility begins with Christ (spiritual vitality)

We believe that all things are made possible through Jesus Christ. It is He who has reconciled us to the Father—the source of all possibility, creativity, and knowledge. Part of our work as educators is to help you understand how you have been uniquely created and to equip you to discern His call upon your life through a Christ-centered university experience.

Possibility is amplified in our classrooms (academic excellence)

We believe that possibility is not static. God has called each student into being with unique skills, talents, and gifts (possibility). When this raw possibility meets the excellence of our academics and training, it is refined, amplified, and transformed into marketable skills and successful careers.

  • The caring become skilled nurses, teachers, and counselors.
  • The musical become trained performers and producers.
  • The entrepreneurial become business leaders and economy builders.
  • The missional become church pastors and missionaries.

Possibility is fully realized in service to others (empowered engagement)

We believe that God has entrusted students with gifts and potential so they may be used to serve the world. When student possibility—amplified by our education and empowered by the Spirit-filled life—is used in service to others, the world is transformed for Jesus Christ.

And the possibility represented by a single life ripples out into the world and into eternity.

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